Through The Math Forest

I am overflowing with goodness lately.  With kids, with colleagues, with projects, with activism.  The WV teacher strike left me the best kind of tired I’ve ever been.  And yet, there is work to do.  I was so very touched to hear the beautiful story of what I do on my favorite days, told by Diana  and Raymond of WVU’s Sparked Podcast. They came to spend a day with me, asked the most interesting questions, and witnessed the beautiful math teaching of Laurel and Brian, teachers I’m privileged to work with and learn from.    Math instructional coaching is an understudied job and art.  I love the way we do it (where I learn from teachers more than I direct them!).  I love this story that gives all of you a little peek inside.

Click the link above to read and listen, or listen here

I’d love to hear from you.  Is this what you imagine a math coach does?  What strikes you in this story?  What do you wonder?  Wouldn’t it be cool if more media covered the intricacies of teaching and learning?


Author: Joanna Burt-Kinderman

Math teacher, coach, designer and dreamer, working in rural WV

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